The Wheellock Kits

1. What's in the WheelLock kit:
2 wheel locks frames 2 pins 4 rubber protectors 6 rawl bolts 1 drill bit 2 padlocks.
Type two is a single frame with 2 pins 4 rubber protectors 4 rawl bolts 1 drill bit and 2 padlocks
What it's made of:


2. What's in the Stand Lock kit:

1 side/full stand lock, 2 rawl bolts, 1 drill bit, 1 padlock

• Powder coated steel 100mm x 6mm steel frame
• 1 discus pad lock • 2 rawl bolts • 1 concrete drill bit
• No scratching your surface chrome or powder coated wheels
• Lock hides bolts, so can't be unbolted when in use
• Fits almost all full stands and side stands
• Can be fitted to concrete floors, or timber floors
• Only patented lock that secures your bike/vehicle by way of side/full stand
• The bolts that secure it to the ground are hidden when lock is in use
• Design makes it difficult to tamper with the pad lock
• Everything you need is supplied to fit the lock
• Fitting time, 5-10 mins for 1 person